Wednesday, December 15, 2010

seiko 5 expensive watches

Seiko 5 and its See-thru mineral crystal back cover are the main attraction for me while choosing a watch. Of course, budget would be my main concern for choosing it as well.... With the price I think is worth to get an automatic watch rather than normal battery powered watch.The 5139 base movement is the 5106 33 jewel Presmatic movement. The 5139 is a de tuned version of the 5106 without the auxiliary winding mechanism, micro adjuster and a different barrel and escapement. Being derived from a chronometer grade movement is a good thing.
The case and dial are very high quality. The case is beautifully sculpted and polished with a very dressy coined edges bezel ring.

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seco 5 expensive watchs
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The case back has a seven digit serial number and is marked water proof. The later Seikos will say “Water Resistant” instead and use a six digit serial number.
The case is complimented with a matching stainless steel band with an engraved SEIKO “5″ logo on the clasp. The later DX watches will have lower quality, lesser jeweled movements and less workmanship in the case and dial features. I think this is the finest DX watch SEIKO ever produced.
seco 5 expensive watchs
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Seeing a watch of this age in this condition on a site like this is very misleading. Most of these watches will have normal wear and scratche’s on the case and a little aging on the dial. Examples like this can be costly, but the price premium for condition always pays off. Time, careless use and poor maintenance has ruined many of these watches and makes them costly to restore. When I consider the price I’m willing to pay for a vintage watch, I factor in all the expenditures that I don’t have to make because of exceptional condition.

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  1. Designed to meet the demanding criteria of professionals.This is suitable one.Seiko watches usually maintain their value or even add more value as the years go by.Thanks for the wonderful collection.

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