Thursday, November 11, 2010

nokia n99 best hand sets

Photos of the new N99 Nseries phone by Nokia have surfaced online. The phone reportedly will have 16GB Flash internal memory, 9-way front joystick, and up to a 4GB miniSD card slot. It will also feature a 16:9 3.2-inch widescreen, GPS, MP#, WLAN WiFi, a QWERTY keypad, 8-megapixel camera, DIVX XVID MPEG AVI video reading, and a 3 CCD 720 pixel wide 30fps video capture. If those specs are in fact true, then Nokia is making one impressive phone, and I can't wait to get my hands on one of these!

Nokia may have another treat lined up for us in the shape of the Nokia N96. Another all-singing all-dancing multimedia computer, rumour has it that the Nokia N96 will come with a 20GB hard disk, 5 megapixel camera (which looks to be the new standard for Nokia's 2007 N-Series phones), and a class-leading 3 inch LCD screen.
More details of the Nokia N97 after the jump.

Just a rumour at the moment, but a pretty strong one nonetheless, and there's certainly nothing in this list of features that Nokia can't squeeze into a mobile phone (sorry, multimedia computer!). Mind you, when the N95 was in rumour phase, no-one mentioned its amazing SatNav feature, so there may be a few extra special treats waiting for us when (if?) the N97 is finally announced

Nokia N96 has been sighted on the net and will be released really soon according to Nokia France specification sheet. Despite it’s earlier claims that iPhone is no threat to lucrative NSeries smartphone multimedia computer business, Nokia was really frightened by it and started scrambling for an answer literary the next day. Result of that is new Nokia N98 who really looks like Apple iPhone, but when you look at specifications there is huge advantage over iPhone. So we might look at new mobile phone war in which only consumer can benefit by better products and new technologie

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