Thursday, November 11, 2010

samsung mobiles sgh u600

Bedecked with exquisite jewel-toned colours that give the phone a look of distinction and sophistication. Its slim and sleek body is both cutting-edge and ergonomic, disappearing into pockets for easy portability. Soft curves, clean lines and bevel cuts refine the look further, while the reflective mirror-like coating on the TFT display combines with the touch menu keys for a polished finish.

Optimised Power Usage Solution (OPUS) increases the talk-time by 10% with an optimised RF Chipset and circuit. Plus it saves more than 30% power with multimedia usage (approximately 30% for camera and video recorder; 40% for the MP3 player). So you enjoy increased capacity and performance, without a bulky battery.

A 3.2-megapixel camera takes superb print-quality photos. Get close-ups with 4x digital zoom and shoot in low light with LED flash. Full-sized portrait / landscape view is the ideal canvas to enjoy your snaps. The integrated camera menu in the viewfinder lets you access features easily. Enhanced auto-focus makes for perfect shots, switching between auto mode or macro by sensing distance, while half-shutter lets you set the focus before shooting. Plus, edit photos right away on your phone.

Navigate through songs by artistes, albums, tracks, genre, playlists or album art display. The ID3 info tags are transferred along with your songs, keeping your music library organised. Easy Sync with Windows Media Player (MTP) lets you transfer music files smoothly between your PC, microSD card and player. WMDRM gives you access to online music sources—purchase, download and enjoy right away.

Innovative Smart Surface Mounting Technology (SSMT) compresses the most advanced features into a super slim form. It reduces the number of components needed, as well as the noise between the components, enabling this phone to shave off excess bulk.
When a still photo isn’t enough, capture video with full audio recorded.
Find the files and applications you need with an easy-to-use and convenient search function. It starts searching through your mobile, or your specified folder, from a partial input. Create your SMS and MMS from a single composer—it switches from SMS to MMS when you attach multimedia content. For your comfort and improved visibility, the brightness of the interface can be adjusted manually to suit the lighting conditions of your surroundings.

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